art :: ansi masters in straw hats

misfit, filth, and xeR0 proudly introduce the ansi/ascii scene's new group AMi5H!

according to textmod.es:
A.M.i.S.H or Ansi Masters In Straw Hats (pennsylvania german: amisch, german: amische) a group of traditionalist ansi artists with pennsylvania dutch origins. they are closely related to, but distinct from, blocktronics, impure and other "english" art groups. the AMiSH are known for simple living, dope ansi skills, and reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology.

tl;dr - amish is a joke acronym that misfit and filth came up with in the 90s. but once i met up w/ them we decided that with all three of us representing the western pa area, we should make their dreams a reality! 717 represent!

here's a few of my subs to our inaugural artpack:

x0 - amish banner

amish banner
view full size: png / ans

x0 - amish barn bomber

barn bomber
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