as3 geometry class exporter

code :: export 3D models to flash

a new component for 3D studio max has arrived that allows you to export the geometry of you model directly into a format that actionscript 3 can understand. the plugin has options for exporting to papervision3d, away3d, and sandy. it was developed my seraf and can be downloaded here. and exporting a model couldnt be easier. 

step 1. create you model, and select it 
(you can tell its selected because of the white bounding box)

select model

step 2. open the utilities panel and select MaxScript

maxscript utilities

step 3. in the MaxScript window, select Run Script

run script

step 4. select the file,
then select it from the drop down

select script

step 5. a new as3GeomClassExporter panel will appear. select you 3D engine, give your object a class name, and a package location (if necessary) then press the export class button to save it.

as3 geomclass exporter

now using this object in papervision3D is a snap! just...

import com.fontvirus.KnotAgain;
var theKnot:KnotAgain = new KnotAgain( skin );