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blanks77 patch and punk rockers

today we went to club laga to see blanks 77 along with sixer + the macarthy commission. 6er was ok, and macarthy sounded like normal, and blanks were really good. they cover my shernoa, but mike blank only knew part of the 1st verse and the chorus, it was still hilarious. i saw lots of old friends, chris watson, drunk mike, pogo, mike doc, bill, etc, etc, etc... but mike doc (amanda's skinhead boy friend) wanted to kill chris watson (the 'punkest man alive') because of some old shit between him and amanda. but drunk mike and i were trying to stop the whole think, so we missed some of sixer. eventually i talked doc out of it, atleast for today. after the show we (me, nate, lukkas, nina) were hanging out side lage with drunk mike. i was bumming for money off all the goth kids the come to see 'ceremony' (aka goth night) after the punk shows. we were running the streets shouting 'BRING OUT YOU UNDEAD!' it was really fun, then some random goth girl kissed us, and nina got kinda jealous. all and all a good show.