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dbcli as a curious code monkey, i find myself poking around a lot of different types of databases. and as a terminal junkie, i've used a bunch of different commandline tools to connect and interact with them.

in this post i wanna hightlight the dbcli project. it's a suite of db clients each written in python with a similar interface. clients support autocompletion, syntax highlighting, history, the project is opensource, and cross-platform.

i find myself perpetually using them for postgres, mysql, and sqlite but these have clients for ms-sql, redis, and more.

here's some simple examples. run --help for more info:

pip install mycli
mycli mysq://root@localhost:3306 -p pass

pip install litecli
litecli db.sqlite

pip install pgcli
pgcli postgres://root:pass@localhost:5432/some_db