random :: happy birthday to me!!!

xero's 18th birthday

woohoo! i'm eighteen. im birthday was quite odd. on the 14th of july, kiala took nina and i to see a show in pittsburgh. we went to see submachine, lowerclass brats, b.g.a, and aufstand. The intended venue (the brass factory) was closed by the health inspector, so the show got moved to cheez's store. it was a cool show, for a make-shift venue. submachine sang me "happy birthday, you scum", and it was all and all a swell time. after the show kaila went to get gas, and was in the left lane with her blinker on, and someone tried to pass her on the left side (the wrong side of the road) and wrecked into her... lame. the impact tore her entire front bumper off. luckily, everyone involved was ok. but the cops blamed it on her, and i really don't see how it was her fault.