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lost map of pa

i got lost today. nina and i were driving from empire to... well i actually had no idea where i was going, or why. i just knew i wanted to go.. we drove to empire and then just turned onto a road i've never been on. it took us over the river on this old rickety bridge, nina thought for sure that it would collapse on us when we drove over it. but i managed to get across it. it shook really intensely when the wind blew. and it was a particularly windy night. but after that i just kept driving, i had a half a tank of gas and was in a ford festiva, so i figured that i could get to something without running out of gas anytime soon. i was wrong, dead wrong. the road eventually changed from a four lane into barely a two lane. the lines seemed to disappear from the road. and in the darkness and quiet of the rural area i had gotten us into, it was quite hard to see where i was going. yet we pressed on, hoping civilization would come quickly. but it didn't. i just kept driving and driving. i felt like i we on the lost highway. there wasn't another car in sight, i just kept driving and driving.. for what seemed like hours. then the panic started to set in. i just kept thinking that i would run out of gas and they're wouldn't be any other cars, and i would be stuck here and we wouldn't ever... but i was torn back into reality as i car whizzed by me, i was in the center of the road. but there was another car, and thus a shining glimmer of hope. i just kept driving. the night just crept on and on. until finally right when we had almost ran out of gas i somehow magically ended up in imperial. nina and i found the entire event quite hysterical.