two free video game fonts!

art :: metroid and ghosts n' goblins

metroid font - NARPASSWORD00000 -

i have been wanting to make a metroid font for a long time now.NARPASSWORD00000 is made from the classic nintendo NES game metroid's password screen. the font also includes some dingbatz made from the games sprites. but i decided to go the extra mile and create the rest of the full international character set. the fonts name is a reference to a special backdoor password hidden in the game. click here to download

namco font - ghouls, ghosts and goblins -

my next new font is a capcom classic. ghouls ghosts and goblins made from sprites ripped directly from the NES rom chip. the game has had many incarnations over the years, like ghosts 'n goblins and ghouls 'n ghosts. so i named the font a combination of the two. this font contains the full set of A-Z, digits, special characters, and some 8bit dingbatz. click here to download.