NHL draft 2007

random :: i touched the stanley cup

nina and xero with the stanley cup

on thursday will calls me up and says...

the nhl draft is this weekend in columbus ohio.
you and nina are coming with me, i already have tickets.

weird willy

...and it was on.

the new area for the blue jackets was really nice! i cant wait until pittsburgh has a new arena. so after our 2 hour drive we arrived in columbus. amazingly i was able to park in the arena lot, right by the entrance. and their was this cool puck sticking out of the building above my car...

NHL draft

we gave the people our tickets and they handed us nhl draft towels, now even other sports are trying to steal the terrible towel. so the first thing i noticed when we walked up the stairs was the stanley cup. just sitting right there, not behind glass or anything. we waited in line for about 20 minutes until it was our turn with the cup. we got to touch the stanley cup! ( but i blinked in the photo :P ) after that we found out that the penguins draft pick wasn't for another hour. so we walked around and checked out the stadium. their were trophies everywhere! here's nina and i with the art ross trophy!

NHL draft - art ross trophy

we took like 100 photos of us with all of them. i was "that guy" photo-bombing in the background of a lot of people photos... lulz!

NHL draft - photo bomber

after that we still had some time to kill, so we left the arena and ate at my favorite restaurant in columbus, zen. it's a sushi bar, that has 15 different brands of saki. needless to say we ate tofu and got drunk.

NHL draft - sushi break

with a full stomach, we meandered back to the draft just in time to see the pens pick. we hung out at the arena for a while longer then went to check out more of the city. in the parking lot will turns to us and says...

i swear i hear motley crue in the distance. Yeah!
it's either them, or the best crue cover band alive!

weird willy

turns our will was right... down the road on neal street, vince neal was playing! we listened to the show from afar for a while then hit the bar. we ended up at mac's scottish pub, where i had the best black and tan of my life! we had was a blast!