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papervision3D 2.0 - great white

well the time is finally upon us, for all of you who aren't avid mailing list readers, papervsion3D 2.0 alpha (code name: great white) has been released for testing. and the team bringing real-time 3D in flash has gone all out this release! this versions new features boast shaded materials, custom shaders, the new ascollada (now with animation support), frustrum culling, multiple viewports, rendering to scene, and more.. not to mention the average 26% gain in overall fps! 

this weekend my wife nina was out of town, which meant that i had time to sit down and check out some of pv3D 2.0's new features. i made a simple demo of creating a 3D scene in flex using MXML. the demo basically lets you switch between a few different 3D models, (the first two are by mr.doob and the rest are by me) and the material drawn on it. this demo features the new flat shaded, cell shaded, gouraud shaded, and phong shaded materials at your disposal in the new version. as usual models exported from 3D studio max to actionscript 3 with the help of the awesome as3 geom class exporter

click here to check out the demo
and click here to view the source