pirate themed wedding

random :: on halloween

pirate nina and xero

this year's halloween was a bit different. our friends opie and jessie had a pirate themed wedding! so deciding was to be this time around was pretty obvious. they had the ceremony and the reception at the same hall in pittsburgh, but since we were late as usual, we missed the first part. but they didn't seem to mind, since the actual wedding part took about 10 minutes! ++LOL! 

the reception was crazy! all the guests were dressed as pirates, i mean EVERYONE! at one point i saw this 80 year old main in a tux with an eye patch. i leaned over to nina and said...

ARRG! yew think that be his costume? or he be a vietnam vet?

capt'n mint beard

the party was awesome, we saw tons of old friends from the iron city we haven't seen in an while, and met some  new friends as well. they had a tiny cake that they cut with a sword. and the groomsmen forced the drunken best man to walk the plank! 

check out all the photos here.