we went to florida

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jupiter lighthouse

my grandparents moved to flordia a few years ago, and ever since, the rest of my family have slowly been moving there. my uncle mark lived there already, then my aunt joan moved there shortly after. then my cousin, then her mom... yeah, almost that entire side of the fam. so needless to say, we were due for a visit. my dad is dr. paranoia, and couldn't fly down there. and i in no way wanted to ride with him, my mother, nina and his road rage. nor did i want to drive there myself with nina and my road rage. so we opted to hop with the jet set. the flight was so short i barely beat metroid fusion on the plane ride there and back with 98% completion. we had a party thrown for our arrival, at my cousin ashley's house. i got to see all my relatives and meet my cousin's new baby angelina. she's a lil cutie. for the next few days we just hung out and went to beaches.

its not a vacation unless there's a beach right?


we spent one of the days in a town called jupiter. the beach was very nice, the sand smooth, the water warm. and my uncle knew about this cool lighthouse. there was a sweet banyan tree outside. the lighthouse was 7 stories and had a sweet spiral staircase.

jupiter lighthouse

jupiter lighthouse - spiral staircase

jupiter lighthouse - hang over

we saw some crazy stuff at the bass museum. weird stuff... after a few nights of sleeping at my cousin's house on an air mattress, we decided to spend our final night at a hotel. we stayed at a place in miami called the blue moon. it had this old 50's but still in good shape feel, but with a touch of modernism. the carpet was awesome. Good times were had by all.

more photos

bass museum

cool painting

CSI miami xero