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xero style brutal logo i started my youtube channel in 2006. my 1st uploads are vintage metroid commercials, some lsdj music, circuit bending and some random code art.

but on dec 5th 2020, i uploaded my first vlog. i talked about my struggles with whipple's dieases and my recovery process. so many people had asked about my sickness, that i made the vid to just send to people and not have to say it all over again.

but we were in the midst of lockdowns, and i missed just chatting with people. so i just kept uploading. talking about stuff i like and was working on. eventually, i made a pocket dump video. talking about my EDC, or every day carry. pouches, patches, knives, flashlights, and other "pocket trash". and i found my voice and community.

as of writing i have over 150 vlogs, 2700+ subscribers, and counting! i try to post a new vid weekly. come check it out at or