zhang's revenge

entertainment :: ridiculously hilarious flash animation

a screen from zhang's revenge

donovan did it again! so he calls me last night at 9:45pm (he lives like an hour away) and sez his flash project for some college animation competition is due tomorrow and has no voice acting. so after some guinness & chr0n.job related persuasion i come over to watch zhang's revenge. we probably watched it w/o audio like 50 times discussing the plot, what we wanted to convey, what he was thinking. all during this time the guinness is flowing...

so eventually, in a totally inebriated state, we recorded the drunken audio of zhang's revenge. it got better as we got drunker. it is really funny, but we found it hilarious.

so seriously zhang is a friend of mine who owns a chinese restaurant in downtown steubenville. his old boss was a a total bitch and fired him, so he opened his own place. his food is so good that no one goes to the old place anymore.

check out zhang's revenge here.

make sure you listen to the outtakes hidden after the movie on the "watch again?" screen.