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ascii :: patron saint of demosplash

2018 demosplash in pittsburgh was amazing once again. we met new text art friends, even some from across the pond! we decided to collab draw live during the show this year. the AMi5H were in full effect, we invited the folks from fuel (rip) to draw with us, but they refused. something about pressure ;P anyhow, the Ansi Masters In Straw Hats (misfit, filth, and myself) drew this piece. for a while it was a heart, then misfit drew the face, josh drew the fancy hat...

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gutter e-mag : ansi art zine piece

grandpa dan

ascii :: ansi/ascii portrait

recently my grandfather died. he meant the world to me. i have so many great memories of him growing up. i consider myself quite lucky to have had him in my life as long as i did. to honor his memory/grieve i decided to do an ascii/ansi art portrait of his younger self. this was released in the impure artpack #67 and was my first time using the microknight AMiGA font.

x0 - grandpa dan portrait

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all aboard the impure train!

demos :: the widest ascii/ansi colly

the newest impure artpack #67 has the incarnation of a conversion we had on irc. historically amiga collys are all vertical and lack color. since impure is already viewed as a "modern" crew for releasing in color and files wider than 80 columns... we decided why not make a modern colly?! and what's the perfect subject for a really really wide ansi? a train covered in graffiti of course!

x0 - impure train preview

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ascii :: ansi masters in straw hats

x0 - amish banner

A.M.i.S.H or Ansi Masters In Straw Hats (pennsylvania german: amisch, german: amische) a group of traditionalist ansi artists with pennsylvania dutch origins.

they are closely related to, but distinct from, blocktronics, impure and other "english" art groups. the AMiSH are known for simple living, dope ansi skills, and reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology.

tl;dr - amish is a joke acronym that misfit and filth came up with in the 90s. but once i met up w/ them we decided that with all three of us representing the western pa area, we should make their dreams a reality!

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