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pouch bomb patches

graffiti :: ranger / vandal eyes

graffiti patches when my son was born, i promised nina i'd quit doing graff in the streets. since then, i've been doing lots of blackbook and ipad art to placate my desires to write.

since i got into metal and punk as a kid i've been collecting and wearing patches. mostly bands, but eventually morale patches. recently ranger eyes (smaller approximately 1x1 inch velcro backed pvc patches) have taken the EDC world by storm. i'd seen a few other graff style patches, and jon from inkpot artworks coined the term "vandaleyes" as a play on "vandalize" and "ranger eyes". so i decided to get involved.

i came up with a sick "xero" bomb or throwie. and worked with dave @ on the DL brand, who suggested glow in the dark! to make them a reality.

get em at:

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all aboard the impure train!

demos :: the widest ascii/ansi colly

the newest impure artpack #67 has the incarnation of a conversion we had on irc. historically amiga collys are all vertical and lack color. since impure is already viewed as a "modern" crew for releasing in color and files wider than 80 columns... we decided why not make a modern colly?! and what's the perfect subject for a really really wide ansi? a train covered in graffiti of course!

x0 - impure train preview

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ascii :: ansi masters in straw hats

x0 - amish banner

A.M.i.S.H or Ansi Masters In Straw Hats (pennsylvania german: amisch, german: amische) a group of traditionalist ansi artists with pennsylvania dutch origins.

they are closely related to, but distinct from, blocktronics, impure and other "english" art groups. the AMiSH are known for simple living, dope ansi skills, and reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology.

tl;dr - amish is a joke acronym that misfit and filth came up with in the 90s. but once i met up w/ them we decided that with all three of us representing the western pa area, we should make their dreams a reality!

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