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xero style youtube

video :: my personal vlog

i started my youtube channel in 2006. my 1st uploads are vintage metroid commercials, some lsdj music, circuit bending and some random code art.

but on dec 5th 2020, i uploaded my first vlog and i just kept uploading. talking about stuff i like and was working on. eventually, i made a pocket dump video. talking about my EDC, or every day carry. pouches, patches, knives, flashlights, and other "pocket trash". and i found my voice and community...

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wedding ring tattoo

life :: the unicursal hexagram

unicursal hexagram wedding tattoo

i've always wanted knuckle tattoos. in my youth i thought of being like OZZY and getting XERO. i considered CODE/HACK as a modern day spoof on the ago old classic GOOD/EVIL. but more than anything, i struggled over typography.

when i first got married, like most, i wore a wedding ring. mine was made of black hematite. but typing for a living made it so uncomfortable to wear i had to stop. even though nina assured me it was fine, i always felt bad not publicly displaying our love and commitment to one another. so i struck out on a quest to find a symbol i felt represented it.

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see you space graff boy : cowboy bebop stencil canvas


sql :: command line database clients

dbcli as a curious code monkey, i find myself poking around a lot of different types of databases. and as a terminal junkie, i've used a bunch of different commandline tools to connect and interact with them.

in this post i wanna hightlight the dbcli project. it's a suite of db clients each written in python with a similar interface. clients support autocompletion, syntax highlighting, history, the project is opensource, and cross-platform.

i find myself perpetually using them for postgres, mysql, and sqlite but these have clients for ms-sql, redis, and more....

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art :: canon eos r & lightroom

i've been into digital photography lately. i sold some stuff, saved up, and purchased and used canon eos-r camera with two RF lenses the 35mm macro and a 16mm ultra wide. here's some random samples of my work: view more 2023 photos

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outlaw research : hacker text / ansi art

outlaw research

ascii :: hacker text / ansi art

i was recently asked to draw a cool piece for a hacker pal. they requested the red dead redemption styled cowboy skull & a logo.

view full size: png / ans

pouch bomb patches

graffiti :: ranger / vandal eyes

graffiti patches when my son was born, i promised nina i'd quit doing graff in the streets. since then, i've been doing lots of blackbook and ipad art to placate my desires to write.

since i got into metal and punk as a kid i've been collecting and wearing patches. mostly bands, but eventually morale patches. recently ranger eyes (smaller approximately 1x1 inch velcro backed pvc patches) have taken the EDC world by storm. i'd seen a few other graff style patches, and jon from inkpot artworks coined the term "vandaleyes" as a play on "vandalize" and "ranger eyes". so i decided to get involved.

i came up with a sick "xero" bomb or throwie. and worked with dave @ on the DL brand, who suggested glow in the dark! to make them a reality.

get em at:

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