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wedding ring tattoo

life :: the unicursal hexagram

unicursal hexagram wedding tattoo

i've always wanted knuckle tattoos. in my youth i thought of being like OZZY and getting XERO. i considered CODE/HACK as a modern day spoof on the ago old classic GOOD/EVIL. but more than anything, i struggled over typography.

when i first got married, like most, i wore a wedding ring. mine was made of black hematite. but typing for a living made it so uncomfortable to wear i had to stop. even though nina assured me it was fine, i always felt bad not publicly displaying our love and commitment to one another. so i struck out on a quest to find a symbol i felt represented it.

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ascii :: patron saint of demosplash

2018 demosplash in pittsburgh was amazing once again. we met new text art friends, even some from across the pond! we decided to collab draw live during the show this year. the AMi5H were in full effect, we invited the folks from fuel (rip) to draw with us, but they refused. something about pressure ;P anyhow, the Ansi Masters In Straw Hats (misfit, filth, and myself) drew this piece. for a while it was a heart, then misfit drew the face, josh drew the fancy hat...

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demosplash 2016

life :: pittsburgh's demoscene event

x0 - demosplash

since joining the textmode art scene, i've made lots of new friends. blocktronics and impure have both been more art collectives than a release groups. seeing the art other members are working on is very inspiring and, for the most part, the criticism is constructive. over time i've become friends with misfit and filth, all members of blocktronics who live in pretty close proximity to each other. this year we decided to meet up at pittsburgh's local demoscene event demosplash, and had a blast!

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stencil graffiti

graffiti :: paintings for my friends

stencil graffiti - fight club

this year i decided to make xmas gifts for all my friends. part of me wanted to make something special for everyone, part of me just wanted to paint. i chose stencils as the medium for a few reasons. one, i have little experience with them. most of my graffiti has been hand drawn on the fly. some people in the 'graff scene' seem to think that stencils are cheating. but i don't see it that way. it's just another method in the same medium...

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TK and the penguins

life :: pittsburgh penguins hockey practice

pittsburgh penguins #48 tyler kennedy and xero

so the other day nina, will, and i went to a pittsburgh penguins hockey practice. i got to meet TK! (aka #48 tyler kennedy) i couldn’t believe that he was only a little bit taller than me, but he's carved out of solid rock! GO PENS! this is the last season for mellon arena so it was nice to get to visit the igloo one last time. 

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